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Threehouses & Cabins

Geodesic Dome w/bathtub toplevel

Max. 4 Persons

Geodesic Dome w/bathtub upperstory

Max. 4 Persons

Geodesic Dome w/bathtub upperstory

Max. 4 Persons

Geodesic Dome w/bathtub mid level

Max. 4 Persons

Geodesic Dome w/bathtub ground floor

Max. 4 Persons

Geodesic Dome upper story

Max. 4 Persons


For us our environment is our main asset

We have dedicated ourselves to understand and respect the land for the purpose of being able to develop this project, not only to avoid damaging the ecosystem, but to showcase it.

Ehwey (Iván García)
Ehwey (Iván García)


Combining Mexican, Oriental and International cuisine, Mamasan uses only fresh organic ingredients cultivated and harvested by families in the Maya Riviera region. Using a passionate style and creative flair, we offer healthy and unique dishes, relying on our local producers and fishing cooperatives of our region. From Farms to Your Table!



The architectural design minimized the impact on the land and protected the mangrove.

Solar Energy

Our entire project is powered by solar energy. We are the business in Tulum that produces the most solar energy.



Our cabins and treehouses are made out of natural materials from the region. They are built in an 360 shape to maximize the flow of air inside them which keep them fresh and cool.

Water treatment

We recycle rain water and we implemented an innovating microorganisms natural system to treat sewage to avoid contaminating our the land.


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Tulum’s Beach road (Hotel Zone)
km 7 of the road Tulum
Boca Paila, Tulum, Mexico.